Swarovski Remix Collection Snowflake Strand, White, Rose-gold tone plated
Size: 18 cm

Build your own jewelry day and night with the Swarovski Remix Collection. This innovative concept utilizes an invisible magnetic closure, which allows you to blend in other Remix pieces to create a bespoke look, time and time again. This delicate rose-gold tone plated strand sparkles with an embellished snowflake motif. Wear alone as a bracelet, or add other strands to design what you want, when you want. A perfect gift idea.

  • Collection: Swarovski Remix
  • Color: White
  • Material: Rose-gold tone plated

Varenummer: 5512038


Swarovski armbånd Snowflake, hvitt

SKU: 5512038
kr 770,00Pris
  • Status: på lager

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