High Smartphone Case With Bumper, Iphone® 11 Pro, Gold Tone.

If you view your phone as part of your look, this Swarovski phone case is perfect for you. It is fully crystallized with numerous gold-tone colored Swarovski crystals that gleam and sparkle whenever you take it out of your purse. Invisible bumpers inside the case add an extra layer of protection for your phone. This case is compatible with official Apple chargers and the iPhone® 2019. iPhone® is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Collection: High

Color: Gold tone

Size: 14.7 x 7.5 x 1.2 cm

Material: Gold-tone plated, Stainless steel

Phone model: iPhone® 11 Pro
Varenummer: 5533961

Swarovski Iphone 11 Pro deksel High, gult

SKU: 5533961
kr 950,00Pris
  • Status: leveringstid 16-18 dager

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